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We offer maintenance  for all types of weighing equipment.


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About us

  • Exxon Trading has grown into one of the country's largest scale companies with an impressive list of clients and projects completed throughout East Africa.

  • Our stores carry an enormous range of products,spares and accessories to ensure immediate delivery/service is possible when you call on us.

  • Exxon Trading has global alliances with reputable scale companies like Mettler Toledo and A & D

  • Exxon trading management team is committed to ensuring only the best products are sold with the assurance of solid back up (after sales service)

  • We have the best quality equipment with wide varieties to choose from and the best service and training record of any company in this industry.

  • Exxon trading offers maintenance for all types of weighing equipment.A maintenance contract helps to put you in control of your cost and minimise downtime. We offer both fixed rate and time and material contracts at a preferred service billing rate


The company customer base is increasing day by day.

Well equiped factory with all best facility.

Each component that goes into making of the products is of international standards.

Every weighing scale is delivered under strict quality controls.

Quick order processing and on time delivery

Our Products

Exxon Trading - Industrial weighing  Scale

Industrial weighing  Scale


We source and supply industrial scales from METTLER TOLEDO., a company that produces a full line of electronic scales.

Exxon Trading - Retail weighing  Scales

Retail weighing  Scales


Designed to offer optimum quality for the price in order to guarantee the robustness, operating speed and accuracy you need, whatever your retail environment.

Exxon Trading - Hanging weighing  Scale

Hanging weighing  Scale


The  HAX Series is a lightweight, battery powered hanging scale for simple suspension weighing capacities which are available from 10kg to 200kg . The scale has two 0.56 LED displays to show weight, one for the user and the other for  the customer on the backside.

Exxon Trading - Laboratory weighing  Scales

Laboratory weighing  Scales

We provide sophisticated analytical scales - electronic & mechanical - for laboratory or anywhere where precision is critical.

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Address: Lunga Lunga Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi

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