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  • Exxon Trading has grown into one of the country's largest scale companies with an impressive list of clients and projects completed throughout East Africa
  • Exxon trading strives to provide weighing solutions to our customers in an environment which is constantly evolving around new technologies.
  • Exxon trading management team is committed to ensuring only the best products are sold with the assurance of solid back up (after sales service)
  • Exxon Trading has global alliances with reputable scale companies like Mettler Toledo,Flintec,Nagata Scales e.t.c
  • Our stores carry an enormous range of products,spares and accessories to ensure immediate delivery/service is possible when you call on us.
  • Exxon trading offers maintenance contracts for all types of weighing equipment.A maintenance contract helps to put you in control of your cost and minimise downtime.
  • We offer both fixed rate and time and material contracts at a preferred service billing rate.
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Retail Scales

We provide retail scales sourced from METTLER TOLEDO - a global provider of precision instruments and services for professional use.

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Industrial Scales

We source and supply industrial scales from Jadever Weightech, Inc., a company that produces a full line of electronic scales.

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Hanging Scales

Our product line of hanging scales is mainly from NAGATA SCALE CO., LTD, a professional industrial and medical scale manufacturer.

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Laboratory Scales

We provide sophisticated analytical scales - electronic & mechanical - for laboratory or anywhere where precision is critical.